Budget Conscious Graphic Design

Series of 32 postcard promotional pieces for the Waukesha County Green Team.

Postcard mailer for JPfeiffer Pfotos.

Team T-shirt designs for pool league.

T-shirt design.

Christmas card.

Website for the Mystic Teacher.

Logo design for home brewer.

Custom coffee mug designs.

Do you have an idea that needs to be tweaked, typeset or prepared for production? Or do you need to start from scratch? No contracts to sign. No retainer fees. Graphic design is charged at a rate of $50.00/hour. Pfun Studios can also help with writing/editing.

Sales literature


Christmas cards

Tradeshow graphics


Logo design

T-shirt design

Promotional items

Pfun can provide T-shirts, coffee mugs and other promotional items, too. Just ask!

Freelance photography also available!

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